The company's strategic goal is tHE growTH OF THE ASSETS in its ownership or under its management.

  • Enercor Group of companies is a private diversified company established in 2002. Enercor invests, owns and manages assets in a number of business sectors. Enercor's strategic goal is the growth of the assets in its ownership or under its management.

  • The Company cooperates actively with the international community, has multiple contacts in a number of European countries, such as Finland, Germany, Italy, France, the UK etc., as well as the USA.

  • The Company exercises a highly professional approach to asset management. One of the main priorities of Enercor Group of companies is involving professional management into the Company's projects. 

    Enercor's strategic principle is being open to new ideas and opportunities.





The Company's main asset is a strong team of professionals.

For about 10 years of business Enercor Group of companies has succeeded in building a unique professional team unequalled in the market. Most of the Company's employees obtained their professional experience in large Russian and international companies.


Since its foundation the Company has gained a vast amount of experience.

One of the key factors of the Company's success in the market is high proficiency and universal skills of our employees along with an adequate appraisal of the contribution each employee makes into the Company's overall performance. In its operations Enercor is guided by the highest international standards for employee development and responsibility for the outcome of their work.


The team of the Management Company brings together professionals with great experience.

Our Company is justifiably proud of its management and employees. The Company's staff includes graduates of leading Russian and international universities and business schools with MA and MBA degrees.