Assets and businesses

Enercor deals mainly with the processes of investments and restructuring.

The Company's investing endeavors are currently concentrated around the centers of the Company's expertise, such as petrochemistry, building chemistry and technologies, industrial services and supplies, consumer sector, commercial and residential real estate etc.

Enercor invests primarily into troubled industrial assets or businesses that require intense anti-crisis and financial management or experience a severe lack of financial resources.

Enercor Group of companies and its structures historically own stocks of some large Russian companies, primarily in energy and machinery sectors.

Enercor doesn't make investments unless it can participate directly in asset management. Enercor is usually engaged directly into the workings of the companies' Boards of Directors and in searching for and appointing management of the companies Enercor and its structures invest into.

Enercor's strategy, aiming at increasing competitiveness and quality of corporate management, is implemented actively into the operations of the companies' management, which helps increase the capitalization of the companies which are investment objects and contributes to the enhancement of Russian economy's attractiveness as a whole.