Assets and businesses

Enercor Group of companies is focused on managing both its own investment projects and projects for outside investors and / or creditors and plays an active role in the investment market of Russia's Central and North-Western regions as well as UK and EEU countries.

For the time of its work Enercor has implemented successfully a number of projects in the field of energy industry, commercial property, property development, petrochemistry and numerous other industries. 

The Management Company of Enercor Group of companies is currently focused on: 

Troubled asset management for the benefit of creditors and shareholders, also at different stages of bankruptcy.

  • Practical hands-on project management, including management of companies.
  • Forming efficient organisational structure and management for companies.
  • Preparation and implementation of restructuring plans for the benefit of creditors and shareholders, including difficult and "hopeless" assets.
  • Practical realization of an action plan to recover debts.

Investing into troubled companies for the purpose of recovery and creating new business values. 

  • Investing of own and attracted funds into troubled companies to restructure bank indebtedness or other kind of indebtedness in exchange for shares in the capital stock.
  • Investments are made primarily into ongoing businesses or companies with recovery potential.
  • Consulting for companies and creditors at all the stages of the process.

Dealing with other issues related to the Customer's asset management.

  • Designing and implementing an action plan (managing, legal, or financial actions) to meet the Customer's objectives.
  • Handling challenging issues during interactions between debtors, creditors, and shareholders.
  • Fast recruitment of on-site management staff.

Litigation (third party) funding of disputes that are to be resolved outside of Russia (UK, France, Sweden, Singapore and Hong Kong).