• YEAR 2002  – JSC Enercor is established.

    The Company participates in implementing investment projects in the consumer sector. The Company actively cooperates and provides professional consulting services to international industrial groups (Switzerland, France).

  • YEAR 2003  – Enercor enters the market of energy projects.

    The Company participates in setting up professional structures to manage projects in the sector of construction and upgrading heat and power plants (Engineering, Supplies of Power Equipment, Project Management). Creating of its own engineering division JSC "Energospetsprom".

  • YEAR 2004 – Enercor Group of companies starts investment endeavors.

    The Company takes part in the capital of some leading engineering companies in the energy sector. To optimize investment projects Enercor sets up a development division providing investment and financial support for energy projects across theMoscow region.

  • YEAR 2005 – Implementing land development projects in the Moscow region (cottage construction).

    Strategic development of the Company's expertise in the field of land development and management of land development projects in the industrial sector. The Company acquires shares of one of the largest Russian engineering and design centres in heat and power industry.

  • YEAR 2006 – Enercor Management Company is set up.

    Adopting a new development strategy for the Group of companies. Shaping concepts for investment projects in the field of engineering and land development.

  • YEAR 2007 – Enercor successfully withdraws from heat and power sector and sells engineering business in the field.

    Adopting the overall development strategy for the Group of companies. Shaping concepts for investment projects in the field of land development (such as getting down to working on a concept for Industrial park together with several international investors).

  • YEAR 2008 – The Company starts working in the market of petroleum chemistry and petrochemical processing.

    Cooperating with several leading Russian plants in the field. Successful withdrawal from a number of land development projects.

  • YEAR 2010 – Further evolvement of "Petroleum Chemistry" and related businesses.

    Forming new business dimensions, such as setting up a division for repairing concrete and reinforced concrete structures using building chemicals of a number of major manufacturers.

  • YEAR 2011 – Further evolvement of "Building Chemicals and Technologies" division, setting up "Energy Saving and Industrial Lighting" division.

    Enercor's subsidiaries become distributors of Mapei, Murexin and LG companies.

  • YEAR 2012 – "Investment Activities and Restructuring" area expands actively.


  • YEAR 2012 – "Petroleum Chemistry" division is sold.


  • YEAR 2013 – The Group launches full restructuring of businesses.


  • YEAR 2014 – Restructuring process is complete. Businesses in building chemicals, technologies, and energy saving are sold.


  • YEAR 2015 – Working with banks in the field of managing troubled assets is going on.

     The focus of business activities is on investment endeavors and restructuring.