Enercor Group of companies traces its history back to 2002 and is one of the most dynamically evolving companies in the market of Russia and CIS.

Since its foundation the Company has gained deep expertise in investment, financial and industrial sectors and participated in a number of successful endeavors and businesses.

The Company adopted a program of strategic development aiming at maximum increase in asset capitalization, development of investment projects, and collaboration with foreign partners and leading Russian companies.

Enercor has passed through several stages in its evolvement, persistently sticking to a policy of improving the quality of corporate management. For this purpose the Group has established a Management Company, which is focused on the efficient management of Enercor's projects and generation of new business opportunities.

  • The Company's management team 

    brings together professionals with great experience in the field of implementing investment projects, managing assets in various industries (power generation, machinery, consumer sector and a number of other industries), as well as developing national-scale greenfield programs and projects.

  • ENERCOR's strategic objectives

    are pursuing the policy of increasing business competitiveness and stability, improving the quality of corporate management, and achieving maximum capitalization of its assets. The corporate policy of the Group of companies is characterized by active use of the world's advanced managing and manufacturing technologies.

  • The Company has the advantage of

    high professionalism, the ability to quickly mobilize and, if needed, shape the resources required to meet objectives, and the ability to find solutions for non-standard problems.

  • The company has necessary financial and administrative resources

    to manage and implement investment projects in the territory of the Russian Federation. Work experience, constant control of the formation of prime cost, and optimization of technical solutions at all the stages of implementing investment projects allow to minimize possible risks in organisationally and technically sophisticated projects and to ensure their high economic efficiency.